What body parts does it work?

As well as your heart and lungs, Rockingnheels will develop overall muscle strength especially in your legs, bum and waist areas. If your diet is sensible you’ll also experience overall weight loss.

What clothes do I wear?

It’s best to avoid skirts and dresses due to the nature of the workout, however wear anything you feel comfortable and/or sexy working out in. You will be moving around lots and will get a sweat on.

What heels should I wear?

One of the most important elements of the class. Please don’t wear anything too high, the class is active and whilst we always warm up heels that are too high will make the class difficult for you.We recommend a low to mid-size shoe with a solid heel. You want to feel sexy but also be safe and comfortable.

Why wearing heels?

Simple really, a heel raises your leg and makes you work harder so you get more benefits. As well as the psychological benefits of feeling sexy.

Do you have to be a dancer?

Absolutely not, it’s a class designed and run for normal women. Rockingnheels is designed to be a workout class, not a dance class. We have the dance and heels elements to add the fun and spice to exercise